Favorite Memories


Here you will find some favorite memories of Alexander.  On the sidebar to the right, click Mommy and Daddy’s Favorite Memories or Family and Friends Favorite Memories.


Alexander standing with red present

One response to “Favorite Memories

  1. Linda Dee Stringer

    I just learned about your loss. Our circle of friends is through the 500 Inc. and although I didn’t know both of you very well I was always impressed with your relationship and your love for each other and I got to meet you at Art Fest with baby in tow a few years ago. I saw the love you had for each other and your new life with your baby boy was just as strong as it had ever been, you made a perfect pair and you completed it with your lovely son. It seems life is shockingly unfair and at times and the sweetest of people suffer the greatest of losses. My heart sank when I came across the memorial. I truly wish you well and hope you will always rely on, nourish and remember the love you have for each other and how your son was a testament to your strong devotion, love and bond for each other and always will be. Most sincerely, Linda

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