Daily Archives: October 16, 2009

Another study

In our continuing quest to try to find answers about Alexander’s loss, we’re going to participate in a second study.  The second study is through the Sudden Death Genomics Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Ackerman and his staff research several heritable cardiovascular diseases.  The Long QT Syndrome the clinic conducts is one of the studies mentioned in our SUDC binder.  While Alexander’s autopsy report didn’t show anything wrong with his heart, we want to explore every possibility to find answers.

As part of our possible participation, the clinic wants us both to have an EKG done.  I had my done yesterday.  Why is nothing ever simple?  I had another appointment prior to the EKG appointment.  Because the first appointment ran late, I arrived at my doctor’s appointment late. When I arrived at the doc’s office, the receptionist told me I was late so I missed my appointment.  She said I could wait but the next opening wasn’t for another hour.

Yes, I was late, but my visit would have taken 5, 10 minutes top and as I looked around the empty waiting room, I just couldn’t believe she was telling me I had to wait an hour.  Was the office scheduling so tight that it didn’t allow for someone being late.

This just compounded the bad day I was already having so I decided to run errands for an hour rather than wait.  To ensure I didn’t miss another appointment, I arrived 10 minutes early.  At 10 minutes past my appointment time, I wondered if I should go to the desk and tell them since the doctor was late for my appointment, I was leaving.  Just then they call me back.

As I waiting for the doctor to enter the room, I started to tear up thinking about why I was there.  I don’t visit the primary care doc often except for the occasional times I’ve gotten a flu shot or have had need for antibiotics.  As I was explaining to him why I needed the EKG, I broke down and could barely talk through my tears.

The doc said the EKG was fine aside from a small spot that you may see at some times but not others.  I had some problems with increased heart rate in the past but the cardiologist didn’t seem to think it was of concern.  We’ll see if they notice anything at the Mayo Clinic.  Now, I just need to get Dan to get his EKG done so I can complete our file.

Lately, I’m finding with every new person I have to share our story, it feels just as if it happened yesterday with all the same very raw emotions.  The same searing pain through my heart.

I’m missing Alexander so much.

Alexander’s Run Update

Dan has mapped out a potential route and is going to walk it with a couple of friends tomorrow.