Daily Archives: February 28, 2010

What does it take…

to be removed from the Babies R Us/Toys R Us mailing list?

Last Monday, I had some minor surgery (I’m doing fine) but still needed to spend some time at home resting so my body could recuperate.  By Thursday, I was ready to get out and run a few errands.  The day was going o.k. until the mail arrived.

In the mail was a Happy Birthday coupon for Alexander from the Geoffrey’s Birthday Club.  Once again, Babies R Us ignored my plea to be removed from their mailing list and once again, I had to call to explain to them why I wanted to be removed.  The customer service rep I spoke to acknowledged they had record of my previous request.  After speaking to the first customer service rep, I was transferred to someone in corporate customer service. Demetria said she’d put in my request again.  However, they sometimes receive updated information after a request is made.  I’d love to know what “updated information” takes precedence over a mother’s tearful plea.

Demetria began to tell me about how she lost her son a few years ago but then quickly stopped.  She said her son was older and she had no way of knowing what I was feeling.  I was in tears and appreciate her trying to comfort me, but her efforts at bonding didn’t help.

I’ve been trying for a year to get off their list.  It feels like I have to call them every 2 months (I’ve started keeping a record of the date of my calls) and nothing works.  I don’t what I’ll do if I get something else from them.  Maybe write a letter to the Chairman of the Board and the rest of the Executive Committee?  I’m sure they’ll never see it but on the chance they do, I’m sure they’d love to hear the story of how despite my repeated efforts, this desperate mother can’t get off their list.

The rest of the week went fine.  I tried to stay busy and Dan and I had dinner plans with friends on Friday and Saturday night.

Today will be another day of rest and relaxation before I begin a very busy week.