Emotional week

It’s been a rather emotional week for me.  Alexander’s 3rd was this past Monday, May 3 and today was Mother’s Day.  It was the second birthday and second Mother’s Day I had to endure without him.  Both seemed to be much harder on me this year.  I don’t know…maybe it was because I was still so numb last year at this time and this year I feel everything so intensely.

I got out of bed today but did little else.  I had 12 episodes of 24 on the DVR and spent the day (in my pajamas) catching up on the season.  I needed to distract myself from my sadness and didn’t have energy for much else.

We bought plants, potting soil and other garden stuff yesterday and I was planning to spend the day in the garden.  My sadness and the chilly weather kept me inside.

I’m really missing Alexander today and long for a hug from him and to hear him say mommy.

One response to “Emotional week

  1. Michelle I just want you to know I read this and my heart aches and is open to you. I believe there is no greater pain and yearning than this in all human experience.I do not believe…contary to some sayings…that it ever “fades” with time. Perhaps it changes, but does not fade.June

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