Do you have any children?

Why is that when a group of women are talking, one of the first questions is “Do you have any children?”  Is this all a woman is supposed to be?  Being Alexander’s mom was/is the best role in life I could ever have but it’s not the sum of my being.

I was recently volunteering at an event.  Following the event, I was sitting with a few of the volunteers (all women) having lunch.  At some point during the conversation, two of the women asked me (within minutes of each other) if I had any children.  I felt like I was betraying Alexander when I said no but I didn’t feel like sharing my story with these women who I’d probably never see again.

As I was driving home, I realized that I’ve come to find the “Do  you have any children” question very annoying and intrusive. I know people are just being polite and trying to make conversation but sometimes I feel like wearing a button that says DON”T ask me if I have any kids!

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