Second Worst Day

The second worst day in my life was Tuesday, December 23, 2008.  This was the day we buried Alexander.    The service went as well as these types of services can go.  Using pictures and songs we chose, our friends Susan and Chris, put together two wonderful videos for us. 

Here is a link to the shorter of the two slideshows:

Here is a link to the longer of the two slideshows:

Have tissue ready when you view the shorter slideshow.

I went through the day in a daze.  There were so many people at the service.  We were overwhelmed by all the support we received.  Alexander touched a lot of people.

After the cemetery, many of the people came back to our house.  Again, we had the support of family and friends who took care of things.  They made sure everyone was taken care of who came to the house to pay their respects.  At some point during the afternoon, it all became too much for me, and I had to sneak away.  I went downstairs and watched an episode of Wow Wow Wubbzy (Alexander’s favorite show).  I did eventually join everyone upstairs but not before I had a good cry.

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