Monthly Archives: March 2009

First thoughts of the day

My first thoughts of each day are of Alexander and how much I miss him.  To keep from crying too much, I think of happy memories with him.  Before Alexander passed, he was my first thought of the day.  Except then, my question was what are we going to do today.

Since I couldn’t play in the snow with Alexander today, I wanted to go to the cemetery to build him a snowman.  Unfortunately, the gates won’t be open today.  Maybe there’ll be enough snow left and I can build one for him tomorrow.

Sundays are the worst

When I woke this morning, I lay in bed awhile thinking before I finally got up to see what Dan was doing downstairs.

Of the seven days, Sundays are definitely the worst for me without Alexander.  Unless I was playing with my tennis group, we usually didn’t have plans on Sundays.  It was our lazy family day.  Alexander would run around our room playing with his toys or he’d bring us a book to read him.  We’d eventually get up to go and watch the Sunday news programs.  Alexander usually went to screening room with Dan and I’d watch tv in the kitchen.  We’d be watching the same show but I liked to multitask and also answer emails.  Eventually, Alexander would head upstairs to find his toys in his play area in the kitchen.

The rest of the day would go by pretty slowly.  We’d spend time reading or playing with Alexander.  Just typical family stuff.

Today was a different Sunday.  Dan and I spent a good portion of the afternoon unpacking boxes and sorting the contents.  We kept a lot but also managed to throw out a lot of stuff.  We made good progress before Dan headed to see Gran Torino.  I didn’t want to see it and decided to continue with the unpacking project.  At the rate we’re going, we’ll get the utility room and garage organized sometime soon.

I really just wish things were different and Alexander was still here with us.