Daily Archives: March 7, 2009

Feeling blue

On the way out to meet friends for dinner last night, Dan and I were listening to NPR on the radio.  There was a story on about a kids musical group and how they also appealed to adults.  We listened to the story for a few minutes before I had to switch the station.  I was starting to cry because I was missing Alexander so much.

We had a good time at dinner.  In addition to the friends we were meeting, we also ran into a few other friends.  Everything was fine for me until we headed home because I knew I was going home to an empty house without Alexander.

I woke around 8am this morning but I stayed in bed.  I was hoping that sleep would overtake me so I didn’t have to think about how much I was missing Alexander.  The house is just so quiet without him.

We had no plans today so I thought I would use the day to catch up on some things.  I’ve been so sad all day and haven’t managed to do much.  I did make yet another journey to Target to get some photos printed.  After that, I went to visit Alexander.  It was such a warm day that I decided to take myself lunch to eat while I sat quietly thinking of Alexander.  It was a tough visit today and I spent most of the time crying.