Alexander continues to touch others

A few weeks ago, a neighbor shared a wonderful story with us.  She saw a group of about 15 kids walking past the tot lot.  She said as each child walked by, they put their hands on Alexander’s photo and said ‘I love you baby’.  The story made me cry when I first heard it and I’m sobbing now as I write this.  How wonderful to think these children who never met Alexander would be so kind.  This same neighbor told me that she sees people stopping and looking at Alexander’s photo often.

We had a bit of good news yesterday.  A bill was introduced that seeks to help reduce the occurrence of Stillbirths, Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood.  This will be done through increased research, awareness and education.  Here is a link to the press release on Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s website: .

I would encourage everyone to contact your senators and representatives to tell them you support this bill.

If the bill passes, the data collected could help prevent other families from knowing the loss and suffering we’ve lived with for almost 7 months and possibly help our family and others like us find some answers.

I’ve really been trying to keep myself busy everyday so I don’t focus on the big hole in my heart.  Try as I might, it’s never enough to keep me from breaking down several times a day and having a good cry.  I miss Alexander so much.

One response to “Alexander continues to touch others

  1. That’s a touching story about Alexander’s picture at the park, and I hope knowing he will be remembered and loved that way brings you comfort.

    I hope the legislation passes; I suspect it will. Not having answers is hard, but it is terrible to think there will always be more people who lose their children…it’s senseless. Research is key.

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