11 months – Picking a headstone

This past Friday, November 20, makes it 11 months since Alexander passing.

On Saturday, we finally completed a task we’ve been postponing for the past 11 months.  We ordered the headstone for our family plot.  We still need to decide what to put on the stone but we’ve got some time since it will take a couple of months for the stone to arrive.  Aside from what to include about Alexander, we also have to decide if we add our names to the headstone now or wait until later.  It will hard enough to see Alexander’s name so I’m not really sure I always want to see mine there as well.  It just doesn’t seem like something one should see while still living.

Things just weren’t supposed to happen this way.

2 responses to “11 months – Picking a headstone

  1. Michelle –
    Praying for you during these difficult decisions and during this approaching holiday season. It’s a tough time for us grieving moms, but even tougher when the anniversary of Alexander’s death is right in the middle and the focus of everything.

  2. I am so sorry you two had to even do this. I am sure it was extremely difficult. Hugs to you both.

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