Daily Archives: February 9, 2009


I’m not sure where I learned about SIDS but it must have been one of the baby sites I visited when I was pregnant with Alexander.  Like so many other parents, I thought SIDS was something I didn’t have to worry about once Alexander turned 12 months. 

After Alexander passed, I spoke with his pediatrician who told me that while Alexander was at the upper end, SIDS could happen as late as 20 or 21 months.  True, SIDS and SUDC are both unpredictable and unpreventable but pediatricians should tell parents about the potential risk to their children.  I’ve talked to many parents recently and every one has said they learned of SIDS on their own and not from their child’s doctor.  Pediatricians vaccinate our kids against disease and warn us about so many other things, why not this?

The odds of SIDS or SUDC happening are certainly low, but I would rather be frightened by a little knowledge and try to do something, anything to prevent.  The devastation of losing my child is much worse.