I wish people wouldn’t ask…

…if we’re going to have other child.  When people ask, it’s like a knife through my heart.  Like if we quickly have another child, it will erase the pain I’m feeling now.  Some people do preface the question with, ‘I know you can’t replace Alexander but…’

I know people mean well but whether or not we have other children is intensely personal and a decision we won’t make lightly.  It’s also probably not a decision we’ll share with with others.

Losing Alexander is the worst thing I’ve ever had to face in life.  He will always be my first born and have a very special place in my heart.

One response to “I wish people wouldn’t ask…

  1. Michelle –
    I’m sorry you have to deal with this ?. To be honest, I wonder myself if you guys will. I think it’s because people want you to be happy again. They don’t realize all the emotions involved in another child. Missing Alexander won’t go away if you have another child. I think it will actually make it sadder.
    Praying that you and Dan continue to have good communication – I’ve learned how hard that is after the death of a child.

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