2 years

Can it really be two years that Alexander has been gone?

When I woke this morning, I was too sad to move and just lay in bed thinking about Alexander.  Once I finally managed to get out of bed, I watched the touching memorial video (http://www.totsites.com/tot/dodsonemerson/movies/29452)  from Alexander’s funeral that friends put together for us.  Watching the video, I thought about all the wonderful times we had with Alexander during his much too short life.

Dan and I went to the cemetery this afternoon and did a little cleaning. We also brought a couple of things to decorate Alexander’s grave.  For the first time, we decorated the little tree that someone left for him. It felt good to be doing this for Alexander.  After Dan left (I asked him to let me have a few minutes alone), I sat and cried.

Time has lessened the rawness of the pain but I still miss Alexander so much.

2 responses to “2 years

  1. Thinking of you and Dan today….

  2. It’s been a difficult few days. In advance of Dec. 20th I dread remembering the morning I found him. The day of I feel sad for all the things we didn’t get to together, especially Christmas. Afterwards, I’m inspired by the love people have shown us and him.

    Two years after his passing, the Alexander Michael Dodson Memorial Scholarship Fund has $53,646 in it and is funding 10 Trenton kids to go to an educational summer camp. Every day, kids play in the Alexander Michael Dodson Tot Lot Playground in our neighborhood. I know that every day our friends think about him and that every hour we do. I know that every other tragedy in life is small in comparison.

    Best of all I have great memories of Upside Down Alexander, of reading Where The Wild Things ARe and Cat in the Hat. I remember how beautiful a child he was. I remember changing him and bathing him.

    Most of all I remember how he would race towards the door when I came home from work. I’ll never forget how much I looked forward to him tearing around the corner to see me.

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