Who knew taxes could cause such pain?

For various reasons, we’ve found it easier to use an accountant to do the taxes for us.  For the past few years, our tax process generally starts with me gathering all the information in the tax organizer the accountan’s office send us.  After I complete the forms, Dan and I review one last time before I take everything to the accountant.

Like many couples, Dan and I have had our fair share of disagreements when doing the taxes.  It usually results from me not categorizing something in Quicken the way he wanted.  Over the years, we’ve settled on how to categorize items and our tax return disagreements are minimal.  This year, things are different.

The tax organizer forms ask several questions about dependents.  One asks how long your dependent lived with you during the tax year and another asks you to provide the tax id number for any day care providers.  Both were questions I happily answered for our 2007 taxes, not so for 2008.

The hardest question of all to answer asks you to list any reasons you expect your deductions to change in the coming tax year.  Who really wants to list, “Yes, our deductions will change because our child passed away?”

I’ve had a couple of weeks to sit with the taxes but today was the first time Dan saw them.  I forgot to tell Dan the first few pages might be difficult to review.  

Aside from the taxes, the weekend was a bit weepy for both of us.  Two of Alexander’s friends turned 2 this weekend.  One of the friends he’d only just met and we’d only had the chance to have one playdate with her before he passed. 

The other family we met while we were both expecting and Alexander attended her 1 year birthday party last year.  At the time of the party, he was only 10 1/2 months old and not walking yet.  Alexander desperately wanted to walk,  and as he kept trying to hitch a ride on the birthday girl (who was walking), he kept pulling her down to the floor.   After a while, he gave up and settled on crawling around the basement.


Alexander enjoying birthday cake at a friend's 1st birthday party

I’m just so sad Alexander won’t get the chance to celebrate his 2nd birthday.  He always loved a party.

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