What do you say?

Though it’s been three months since Alexander’s passing, we still find ourselves running into people who don’t know what’s happened. 

I became Facebook friends with someone recently who didn’t know.  I think he probably discovered it after looking at my Facebook page.  We shared a couple of emails about it.

Dan and I went to see a show at the local theatre company and someone we hadn’t seen in awhile came over to say hello and ask about Alexander.  We were both shocked and kinda stared at him.  Dan was so stunned that he asked him to repeat his question.  Dan explained that Alexander passed in his sleep on December 20, but it was definitely an awkward moment for us all. The guy felt so bad that he decided it best to return to his seat.  I’m sure he’ll send Dan an email next week.

While it’s never easy telling someone my sweet little Alexander is gone, it was certainly easier handling the email.

One response to “What do you say?

  1. Michelle and Dan, I feel so badly you went through the awkwardness with that friend, and I feel a bit badly for your friend, too. Sadly, that won’t be the last time you’ll have to tell someone what happened. We had our furnace repaired when I was about 7 months pregnant with Catherine, and the repair guy was so friendly, exuberantly happy for us. He came back about 3 months ago, for a tune-up, and did a double-take when he saw the then 4-month old Matthew; I knew he expected to see an almost 2-year old. Glen was home, and I heard him tell the guy what happened. I will say, at least for us, in our circumstances, it gets easier to talk about, but it knocks you off kilter for a few days, anyway. It never is okay to lose a child, there’s no “better” time than others for it to happpen. It is always a huge hole in your life, even when you get your footing back, and it SUCKS to have to tell those repairmen, and the grade school buddies who find you on Facebook. At least after awhile, you are able to integrate the tragedy into your life story, and are able to tell the story of your sweet child with a bit more ease.

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