Daily Archives: April 4, 2009

Starting the SUDC study

Dan and I have made the first steps toward participating in the SUDC study.  We’ve completed the consent forms and I put them in the mail today.  The next step is to complete our family history surveys.  Completing those surveys is going to take some time because they ask for a lot of information.  Hopefully, with our participation and that of the other families in the study, we’ll find some answers to SUDC someday.

I’m really sad for us but I hope no other parent has to endure the pain we’re experiencing by Alexander’s loss.

As if the loss of Alexander hasn’t been hard enough on me, I had to cut myself off from a relative this week.  This break has been coming for a long while and the person just pushed me over the edge on Thursday evening.  Sometimes, I can’t believe the things people do.