Daily Archives: April 10, 2009

Speaking to me through flowers

A couple of years ago, Dan and Alexander planted flowers in window boxes outside the kitchen bay window as a Mother’s Day gift.  Those flowers lasted a season but we never replaced them.  In addition to a few tomato plants, I decided I’d try to grow some flowers there again.  While at at Home Depot on Wednesday, I shopped for flowers. 

Originally, I thought I wanted to find an orange or yellow flower.  I wanted/needed the flowers to be bright like Alexander since the flowers would be right outside his kitchen play area.  I looked at many different flowers but found I kept getting drawn to purple flowers.  I finally settled on purple (yellow-centered) violas which I planted after I got home. 

Later that afternoon, I went to visit Alexander.   Imagine my surprise when I noticed there were purple flowers sprouting around him.  There were just a few flowers beginning to emerge but they were definitely purple.  I just had to smile.  Alexander drew me to choose the violas so we would be connected through our flowers.

I miss Alexander so much and wish he was here to give me a big hug.