Speaking to me through flowers

A couple of years ago, Dan and Alexander planted flowers in window boxes outside the kitchen bay window as a Mother’s Day gift.  Those flowers lasted a season but we never replaced them.  In addition to a few tomato plants, I decided I’d try to grow some flowers there again.  While at at Home Depot on Wednesday, I shopped for flowers. 

Originally, I thought I wanted to find an orange or yellow flower.  I wanted/needed the flowers to be bright like Alexander since the flowers would be right outside his kitchen play area.  I looked at many different flowers but found I kept getting drawn to purple flowers.  I finally settled on purple (yellow-centered) violas which I planted after I got home. 

Later that afternoon, I went to visit Alexander.   Imagine my surprise when I noticed there were purple flowers sprouting around him.  There were just a few flowers beginning to emerge but they were definitely purple.  I just had to smile.  Alexander drew me to choose the violas so we would be connected through our flowers.

I miss Alexander so much and wish he was here to give me a big hug.

One response to “Speaking to me through flowers

  1. Thinking of you this Resurrection morning as we miss our babies!
    Praying you find moments of peace, joy, and hope amidst the tears.

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