Wake me

I wish someone could wake me from this nightmare that is my life.

I miss Alexander so much and wish he was here with me.

3 responses to “Wake me

  1. Thinking of you this morning….I was thinking today was Alexander’s birthday and wrote a note, please consider it early birthday note. I know it is May 5. I am suffering from allergies and am in a fog and really thought today was May 5th for a minute. Then I realized. Anyway I’m not sure if you want reminders, but I am thinking of you and Dan and Alexander and wanted you to know it!!!

  2. Oh sweetie! Please know that I understand your pain and praying for you also. If you ever would like to chat, I would certainly love to!


  3. Michele:
    You and Dan were very much on my mind as I watched another friend deal having to deal with the pain caused by the loss of a loved one. It’s easy for me to say anything positive that might ease the pain because I am not feeling what you are going through. Just know when you need an ear, a drink or a laugh I will be there for you.

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