Taking a break from therapy

I’ve decided to take a break from therapy.   

I’ve been chatting a lot online with other SUDC moms.  I may go back to the therapist at some point in the future, but for me, for right now, chatting with the other SUDC moms is what I need.

I had a tennis lesson this afternoon.  I haven’t played in awhile so I was a bit rusty and am actually a little sore now.  I did stretch before the lesson and the lesson itself wasn’t that strenous.  I guess I’m just a bit out of shape.  I was a little sad while I was playing because I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed “playing tennis” with Alexander in our backyard.  He really liked tossing the tennis balls and holding his racquet trying to hit balls.

This journey is so hard.

I was looking at photos of Alexander this evening and I couldn’t stop crying.  I miss him so much.  After I put the photos away, I tried to distract myself with playing mindless games on my cell phone.  Didn’t work.  

I’ve said this many times before but I just can’t believe my sweet little Alexander is no longer here with me.  I just can’t believe I have to live without seeing my little boy’s smiling face and feeling his loving hugs.

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