Rabbit Hole

While listening to NPR last week, I heard about a play in Philly called Rabbit Hole.  The play is about a couple struggling to survive after the tragic loss of their 4 year old son who had been killed in a car accident.

Dan and I went to see it last night and had very different reactions to it.  I really liked Becca (the mother).  In many ways, her fictional experience is similar to my own life.  She also said and did some things I wish I could do. But, Rabbit Hole is a play and I’m living in the real world.  I also enjoyed the performance by Howie (the father) and the comic relief (yes, there were moments of laughter) offered by Nat, the mother.

The performances by  Becca’s sister and Jason, the teenager responsible for the car accident, left something to be desired in my opinion.  As it turns out, Becca’s sister is pregnant.  Dan felt she represented the “future” while Jason represented the “past”  and as such, their performances weren’t that important and could be dismissed.

Overall, I found it helpful to attend.

After the play ended, we both felt the need to decompress so we had dinner at a little place not far from the theater.

Before going to the show, I discussed it with my therapist and we agreed I should see it if I was feeling up to it.  My own life still makes me sad and tearful, but I’m glad I went to see Rabbit Hole.

3 responses to “Rabbit Hole

  1. I cried for two hours.

    Nothing like going to the saddest play you’ve ever been to, and have it be about your life.

    It wouldn’t have been so bad if the play hadn’t accurately represented normal life for us (the father having private time with a video of his son, friends that have pulled away, not wanting to compare, getting sick of God talk, breaking down during discussions of milestone events like a prom, being conflicted about putting away his stuff).

    The characters were different in that they didn’t cry for no reason. I guess actions in a play have to always have a reason. They also seem to be a bit better adjusted for just 8 months into it.

    Apparently this will be a movie with Nicole Kidman. Its worth seeing if for no other reason than to understand your friends who are going through this.

    The play is at the Arden Theater on 2nd St. in Philadelphia.

  2. Thanks for the review of your experiences, Michelle and Dan.
    It must have been very intense for each of you to see this play, and I want to thank you for telling us about it.
    I love you both.

  3. I am glad that you went to the went to the play and found it helpful Michelle. Dan, I am glad you said it’d be helpful for friends to see so they could understand in some way what you both are going thru. I will see it when it comes out.

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