Visiting Alexander

As I was visiting Alexander yesterday, I thought about how empty the cemetery always seems.  I don’t expect there to be bustling crowds but I hardly ever see anyone else there even on the weekends.  A few days ago, I did see three other cars visiting at the same time as me and that was a busy day.

After leaving the cemetery, I went to run a few errands.  My first stop was the nail salon to get a manicure.  I hadn’t gotten a manicure in several months so decided to treat myself to a “spa” manicure.  It was nice to have a little pampering but by the time I got to my next stop, I remembered why I don’t often get manicures: I had already smudged a couple of nails.  My nails were dry when I left the salon.  I checked each and every one.  Looking at them today, each nail has something wrong.  I’ve either chipped or smudged the polish.  In the future, I think I’ll just get clear polish.

Target was my next stop after getting my nails done.  Seconds within walking into store, I heard a toddler say to his mom, ‘oh, no mommy’.  I immediately thought about Alexander because “oh, no” was one of his favorite phrases.  This is definitely something he would have said.  I had already shed a few tears before walking into the store and hearing this didn’t help.

I managed to get through the rest of my shopping without incident. 

Once I returned home, the afternoon went by ok before we headed to a neighbor’s early in the evening for dinner.

One response to “Visiting Alexander

  1. The day didn’t go by without incident for me. It was a terrible weekend. The worst for me since the first week. I’ve been angry.

    I hate Best Buy for being a disreputable store. I just lost it at the Princeton store. I would have been angry at them for not allowing a return on a product that was missing parts, but being angry about missing Alexander escalated my emotion.

    I’ve been angry all weekend.

    Sometimes I just need somebody to hold me. I think I’m at that period that Jim Sachs warned me about. The point where it gets darker. I can’t stop crying.

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