20 months old today

Another sad day for me.  Today is Alexander’s 20 month birthday.  We didn’t do anything special on these “month birthdays” as I like to call them but I did try to take his picture and update his website (www.alexanderdodson.com) with the information.  Instead of celebrating another month milestone, I have to live with the reality that my sweet Alexander left us two weeks ago.

Our friend Sarah had her baby two days ago on January 1.  After our counseling session, Dan and I decided we’d go visit her at the hospital.  Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been able to make the visit but we were fine yesterday.  I think it helped that we were the only visitors she and her husband had at the time because it gave us freedom to be able to talk about Alexander.  In the end, I surprised myself and was able to hold their baby boy.

After our quick visit with them, we went to a movie.  We saw Slum Dog Millionaire.  Ordinarily, I would have really liked this movie but so many scenes reminded me of Alexander and things we wouldn’t be able to see him grow up to do.

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