Solo Visit

Dan was meeting a friend this afternoon so today was my first time visiting Alexander alone.  As I neared the cemetery, the gates loomed larged and I wondered if I’d be able to enter.  I did, of course and the visit with Alexander was very emotional.  I talked to him about all sorts of things. 

I see Alexander every day all through the house and I talk to him in my head.

Yesterday, in addition to our daily pointless pursuit, we had a real errand to run.  We visited a couple of memorial stone places to get an idea of what we wanted in a headstone for our family plot.  At the first place we visited, a friend was passing by on the street and stopped to say hello to us.  The second place seemed to have more to offer or at least had more on display.  Who knew there were so many options available when purchasing a headstone.  We’re probably not going to do anything for a while but both Dan and I have some details we’d like to see.

One thing we both wanted but the cemetery won’t let us have is a headstone and a small bench.  We figure we’re going to be visiting Alexander a long time and it would be nice to have a place to sit.  But again, we’re learning about all sorts of rules.  Our cemetery only allows you to have a headstone or a bench (but not because) because of the ease of grounds maintenance.  They want everything lined up so it’s easier when they have to mow.  If they let us have both, then next thing you know everyone will want a bench and a stone making maintenance less neat and tidy.

It’s not the outcome we would have liked but can understand it.  So, I guess it’ll be chairs on the road when we go for a long visit with Alexander.

One response to “Solo Visit

  1. Dan and Michelle –
    We dont know each other, but my daughter was in your sons class in day care. Your words have touched my heart. I am so sorry for your loss. When the time comes for fund raisers for your foundations we would really like to take part. Our prayers and thoughts are with your both at this time.

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