Not too many regrets – from Alexander’s Daddy

Alexander’s Daddy submitted this entry


Often we hear of people having regrets when a family member dies.  They regret not spending time with their loved one or not telling them they love them.


I have very few such regrets about my time with Alexander, except that I didn’t have 40 more years with him.


Though my job causes me to travel quite a bit, it was never excessive and I generally wasn’t away more than 2 nights a week.  


I played with him almost every night;

Read to him;

Rough-housed with him;

Bathed him;

Watched TV with him; and

Wrote a song and sang it to him every day.  


We went out to dinner,

Travelled around the country

Went to arts events;

Went to the drive-in; and

Went to parties.


We Made Christmas cookies;

Went trick or treating;

Had a big birthday party;

Saw New Year’s fireworks; and

Got dressed up for Easter brunch.


Took a hayride;

We took swimming lessons;

Threw the ball;

Visited the barbershop (but not for a haircut for him);

Took walks in the city; and

Played in the park.


I kissed,




Changed, and

Slept with him


I went to his tear duct surgery and

Went to a few doctor’s check-ups, and

I looked after him by myself whenever mommy was out at a volunteer session.


After thinking about it the only regret I do have was the time I spent with him on weekend mornings lying around watching TV instead of taking him out to play in the park or visit the zoo.  


I lost a lot with Alexander’s passing but I do have left many memories of activities, play and time with him, and not too many regrets.

3 responses to “Not too many regrets – from Alexander’s Daddy

  1. Don’t forget, you clogged with him!

  2. That’s true. We did clog together.

    I also took him to Artfest where he got to dance at a concert.

    We also listened to Beach Music, Classic rock and lots of bluegrass (when mommy wasn’t home).

  3. this captures what a great dad you were, and what fabulous parents he had. The time you spend with him was precious and I am glad you did so many great things. I am sorry it was over too soon. But he is with us now, I know it.

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