More dreams

I had another dream about Alexander this morning.  He and Dan has been outside playing before coming inside to get ready to go to an event.  Alexander looked so sweet climbing the stairs and I just smiled as father and son went upstairs to change clothes. The dream felt so real that I almost called out to Dan to remember to change Alexander’s diaper.  Then I remembered there was no diaper to change because there was no Alexander.

One response to “More dreams

  1. Dear Michelle and Dan,

    Thank you so much for sharing these heartfelt memories with us. I just had a really big cry. It is difficult as a longtime friend of you both to know that you are in so much pain, and there is very little I can do to ease it. I miss Alexander so much and think of him every day, as well as both of you. I do hope with each day that passes that your load of grief gets lighter. I think its wonderful you set up the 2 memorial funds in his name and I will definatly support it every year. Alexander won’t ever be forgotten.

    HUgs and love to you both

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